We have been notified from multiple glass material suppliers that, due to a higher than expected material demand and reduced production capabilities nationwide, there will be a material shortage that will occur later this year, and into the first quarter of 2016. This national shortage effects most of our typical glass materials – laminated glass, tempered glass, mirrored glass, insulated glass units, etc.

How this translates to us, and the services we provide – is that lead times for some of our typical materials will be longer than usual. How much of an impact, will vary depending on the material being used.

Please keep in mind, that any lead times quoted by our staff are ESTIMATED lead times, and can/will vary depending on order specifics, materials, etc. This will be a fluid situation until the flat glass suppliers improve the production capacities and material stock to meet the large demands.

Please use this information as a guide when scheduling work, setting project schedules, and placing material orders. Always consult your project manager for job specific lead times and material availability.